Great Vanilla Generates Great Results

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According to LAFAZA co-founder, Nathanial Delafield, the company has a great network of customers and partners and always looks to add value to any organization at any level of the industry. Its ongoing mission is to share knowledge and improve the industry for everyone. It supplies vanilla to companies regularly seen on supermarket shelves, as well as companies that supply flavors in food service and manufacturing.

“Le Bon Magot is a great example of the customer base we started with and continues to be our bread and butter,” says Delafield, who works at every level of the supply chain from export to retail. Le Bon Magot uses LAFAZA Vanilla exclusively in its White Pumpkin and Almond Murabba with cardamom & vanilla. [Link]

“We got started by providing small bulk supply of really good flavors. Our passion is working with small to medium brands and manufacturers that are using our products as a component of what they are creating. We get to be a part of that, grow over time with them, and understand better the different ways the flavor is used.”

“Our goal is the bring the joy of vanilla to the world and help our customers understand that investing in good quality flavors can reduce costs as a producer of a food product. Spending a little bit more for a high-quality flavor can mean you use a lot less of it and you get much better results.”

Companies like Le Bon Magot that use quality ingredients are on trend with consumers who continue to demand products that are high quality, natural, support fair trade and promote sustainability. 

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