Born in Karachi; raised in Tehran; lived in Hong Kong; educated in Princeton, Boston and London; worked in New York, Paris, then Dubai, then Muscat, then Johannesburg and all points in-between; settled in…?

My name is Naomi. For as long as I can remember, food has given me a sense of belonging wherever I was in the world. It was, at once, familiar and new; both, a reminder of my history and a call to adventure. My family traveled on its stomachs and wherever life’s journey took us, we embraced local customs, quickly adopting and fusing them to our own culinary traditions. Through these voyages, food bound us and enabled us to communicate with the world - to show both our differences and similarities – to help us assimilate, make friends and settle into the ever-changing landscape.

From the ritual of sharing meals with friends and family emerges Le Bon Magot® or “the hidden treasure.” Le Bon Magot is the culmination of my family’s culinary journey as we work to produce chutneys, condiments, emulsions, pickles, preserves and spice blends (among a few other things we hold dear) inspired by our heritage and experiences in Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

Our products are developed from heirloom recipes using natural ingredients, high-quality and seasonal produce, custom-blended aromatics and no preservatives. Made in the USA in small batches and created in the artisan tradition, the products rely on classical cookery methods and all-natural preservation techniques to create special flavors, which we hope will inspire cooks and diners on their own culinary journeys.

Bon appétit.

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Founder | Food Lover | Life-Long Traveller

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Heirloom Recipes

Inspired by flavors emanating from these diverse regions, Le Bon Magot products are based on family recipes handed down from generations, shared with friends and honed through our travels. This collage of old and new, North and South, East and West makes Le Bon Magot a unique entry in the gourmet and specialty food industry.

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Ingredients Stripped Bare

We produce only what our family likes to eat, 100 percent free of gluten, MSG and preservatives, using fresh produce and vibrant spices sourced from trusted partners. Le Bon Magot products are hand-made in small batches by artisans using tried-and-tested culinary techniques to ensure longevity, preservation and shelf-life stability without chemical additives.

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Food For Thought

Le Bon Magot transcends traditional borders, cultures and ethnicities in its use of ingredients and spice blends. In so doing, we celebrate food as a social force with the power of building communities.

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Building Communities

Le Bon Magot is small but we take our responsibility in the global supply chain seriously. We recognize that our choices and standards, as part of a broader community of artisan producers, can influence the way that food is grown, processed, marketed and regulated around the world.

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what's inside

Here we celebrate our famed suppliers! From them, we procure magical ingredients, tools of the trade and gain culinary insight. The real mă-gō′,
we invite you to unearth these “hidden treasures” for yourself.


Spices used in:
Lemon-Sultana Marmalata

Photo by Ralph Smith

La Boîte

Spice Blends used in:
Lemon-Sultana Marmalata
Spiced Raisin Marmalata

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Vanilla used in:
White Pumpkin and
Almond Murabba

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Rumi Spice

Saffron used in:
Lemon-Sultana Marmalata

Photo by Jay Shefsky


Pop-ups held at:
King of Prussia Mall, Columbus Circle, The Bellevue & Market Fair

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Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Verjus used in:
Lemon-Sultana Marmalata

Photo by Mark Weinberg

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